Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!How to play: use your arrow keys to mo [...]

Simon Memory

Simon Memory is a clone of the famous game Simon. Your goal is to memorize the c [...]

Battleship Minesweeper

Battleship Minesweeper is an HTML5 puzzle game. The goal of the game is to detec [...]

The Right Color

The Right Color is a game inspired by the Stroop effect. You need to check if th [...]

Snack Time

Little Waldy the wild boar needs to make preprations for coming winter. Move the [...]

Combo Mester – Alchemy

Play Combo Mester Alchemy: pick and mix together as many element you can from th [...]

Swipe Art Puzzle

If you like art here's a puzzle game for you. Move the pieces to recreate some s [...]

Collect the Gift

Santa is in trouble! It's Christmas already and he is yet to get the gifts ready [...]

Sun Charms

Sun Charms is here. Take a whirlwind tour across the magical land populated by c [...]

The Best Pizza

Do you like pizza? What kind of topping do you like most? Ezzy is a young chef. [...]